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Hi! I'm Tara :)

Sara & Rocky Photography

Sara & Rocky Photography

Just a little bit about little 'ole me.... I'm mommy to my sweet Sawyer Lane, who will never know her real name because everyone calls her Hoot, even her doctor. She loves tutus, bows, John Lennon, and camaros. She is perfect in every possible way and a true inspiration for my photography... and just about anything else I can imagine. 

I'm the anti-country Southern girl who's living her love song on the outskirts of town with my sweet Redneck, our little Hootie Hu, and our two fur children that most of the time answer to
Geddy Lee (Yes, after Rush. See a pattern??) and Cheyenne.
I have never been shy around a camera and love everything about photography. How it makes you feel, what it makes you remember, and what emotions it stirs up. And especially that it captures a moment that might never ever happen again.

I am so thankful for all the opportunities that I've been given to share some
 fantastic moments with some unforgettable people.